Helivision - Aerial Filmwork

Learn to Fly Helicopters at Heliventures

We are an Approved FAA Part 141 Flight School and we are also Approved by the Department of Veterans Affairs to provide helicopter flight training for current and prior military personal. Heliventures has office and hanger facilities at the Concord Regional Airport (JQF).

We operate Sikorsky Light Helicopters because of their unsurpassed safety record, larger payload, and stability. Not only does this helicopter make your flying safer, but also two full size adults can easily fly the aircraft with full fuel. Additionally, the flight characteristics allow you to master the fundamentals of helicopter flight earlier in your training … translating to less money spent for your rating.

Introductory Flight - Only $150

Heliventures offers an Introductory Flight for $150. The Introductory Flight averages 20 minutes of flight time. We review basic helicopter functions such as hovering, take off, straight and level flight, and landing procedures. This is a great way to experience helicopter flight and find out about our flight-training program. You’ll fly with one of our highly qualified flight instructors.


Sikorsky S300CBi
Helivision: Aerial Filmwork Experts using Gyro-Stabilized Cameras

Helivision specializes in aerial filming. We offer a smooth stable aerial platform to accommodate the still photography, film, video, and microwave repeating needs of our clients. Helivision is the premiere resource for location scouting, storyships, and cameraships.